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Hours of Operation: 8am-3pm

Our academy uses the A Beka Book Curriculum which reflects the expertise of Christian teachers who for years have taught successfully in Christian schools. The A Beka curriculum is an integrated system that covers similar topics in all subject areas. For example, a student learning about cells in science might find the word " nucleus" on his /her spelling list. A student learning about W.W. II in History might find that his/her English homework includes a short story about a soldier in the war. The integrated approach helps to reinforce a student's mastery of all academic subjects.

In addition, Living Faith Academy uses the Bob Jones Curriculum as a supplemental instructional guide.



Living Faith Academy is a learning center and school operated by the facilities of Living Faith World Ministries, Inc. (LFWM). Living Faith Academy is dedicated to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, moral, social, and intellectual development of children. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy environment in which children are loved and nurtured along with expectations and boundaries.

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