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License # C07VO0298


Child Development Center (CDC)

Hours of Operation: 7am-6pm

At each age, children gain new skills and achieve new understanding.

We offer a child-centered and developmentally appropriate program for two-through-four year old children. Living Faith Academy has chosen to implement the play-based learning framework of Creative Curriculum for Preschool. Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive system of learning based on research and knowledge regarding all areas of child development - social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. 

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)

Hours of Operation: Class A/B   8am-11am

                                Class C       1pm-4pm

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) is an educational program designed to prepare every child in Florida for kindergarten and build the foundation for their educational success.

VPK provides each child with an opportunity to perform better in school and throughout life with quality programs that include high literacy standards, accountability, appropriate curricula benchmarks, substantial instruction periods, manageable class sizes, and qualified instructors. Our VPK program uses the Creative Curriculum as the primary curriculum and Abeka Curriculum as the secondary curriculum.


Living Faith Academy is a learning center and school operated by the facilities of Living Faith World Ministries, Inc. (LFWM). Living Faith Academy is dedicated to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, moral, social, and intellectual development of children. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy environment in which children are loved and nurtured along with expectations and boundaries.

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